Thursday, 13 June, 2024

Grading Fees Revision

It has been almost ten years since we last revised the grading fees.

Although it is justifiable for us to do so, we have resisted mainly because of the poor economic situations at the various periods. After biting the bullet for many years, we have decided to review the fees as we felt that the time is right.

Moreover, it is necessary for us to look into the interest of our coaches and the need to meet the rising costs of administration, operations and programmes of the Federation.

The Managerment Committee, in its meeting on 11 October 2005, decided unanimously on the following grading fee structure whuch will be effective from the 2nd quarter grading in April 2006.

 Grades 10 to 2 $25.00
 Grade 1$100.00
 1st Dan$150.00
 2nd Dan$200.00 
 3rd Dan$250.00 
 4th Dan$300.00 
 5th Dan$350.00 
 6th Dan$400.00 

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