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Grading Preparation Workshop 27 November 2010

The next grading preparation workshop will be held as follows:

DateSaturday 27 November 2010
Time5.00pm to 8.30pm
VenueSTF National Training Centre
Blk 80 Lorong Limau #04-191 Singapore 320080
Dress Code‘Dobok’
CertificationCertificate of Participation
Closing DateWednesday 24 November 2010

The workshop is open to red (senior and junior), poom and black belt holders.

The primary objective of the workshop is to point out to participants their performance flaws and the areas they should work on from the examiners’ perspective. This will give the candidates a better chance of passing.

During the workshop, participants will be briefed on the grading guidelines and the expectations of the examiners.

Coaches may use the information acquired by their students at the workshop as a basis to guide them for their grading.

All candidates who have attended the workshop are reminded to submit a copy of the certificate of participation with their grading applications. For red (junior) and 1st poom candidates, a copy of the certificate should be attached to their grading cards. This is necessary for the examiners to give them special consideration, if required.

The registration form is attached.

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