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Kukkiwon International Taekwondo Master/Examiner course

Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) is planning to organise The Kukkiwon International Taekwondo Master/Examiner course on 7 – 10 March 2023 and 11 – 12 March 2023 respectively.

The Kukkiwon International Taekwondo Master course is a 40hrs program that embraces a wide range of topics, composed of 4 themes Taekwondo Theories e.g. History, Coaching, Taekwondo Practical training in Poomsae and Kyorugi and Techniques training.

The course will allow our local taekwondo coaches to upskill their technical knowledge and pedagogy skill by interacting with international experts and other fellow taekwondo practitioners. The upskilling of our local coaches will also improve the standard of our athletes at the grassroots level which will positively influence our high performance in the future.

Below are the pre requisites for each course:

S/NCourse NameMinimum Kukkiwon DanRemarksFeesNo. of Pax
1Kukkiwon International Master Course2nd Dan2nd Dan holders may attend the course but will only receive the certificates after obtaining Kukkiwon 4th DanUS300 (fully payable to Kukkiwon) – S$360 (STF Admin Fee)100 pax Worldwide
2Kukkiwon International Examiner Course4th DanParticipants can only attend this course after passing the Kukkiwon International Master CourseUS250 (fully payable to Kukkiwon) – S$240 (STF Admin Fee)100 pax Worldwide

As the course will be opened to overseas participants, STF is giving priority to members to express their interest on the The Kukkiwon International Taekwondo Master/Examiner course via this link

For more information or query, you may email to For foreign members who are interested in the course and is residing outside of Singapore, you are advised to arrange your own accommodations

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