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National Kyorugi Referees Updated

30 national kyorugi referees attended the Annual Referees’ Seminar and Assessment on 1 July 2007 at the National Training Centre.

The primary objectives of the seminar are to update kyorugi referees on the latest development of the sport and keep them abreast of the latest changes in competition rules and regulations.

The programme covered both theory and practical. The theory section comprised rule interpretations and officiating guidelines. For the practical session, the participants practiced hand signals, using the electronic scoring system and judging.

While the referees had quite a bit to remember in terms of the changes, the important message that they took home with them was: Referees have a heavy responsibility as they have an impact on the lives of others.

They were also made to realize that being humans do not give them an excuse to make mistakes.

The following referees who had successfully completed seminar had their refereeing licences renewed for another year.

1st Class

Jimmy Tay

Tan Kok Seng

Raymond Chan

Michael Ho

Lim Keng Leong

2nd Class

Chan Wai Hon

Merly Q Laperme

Yap Gin Yee

Tan Tak Hua

Chang Siew Huah Judson

Ng Lee Noi

Girlene Tan

3rd Class

Mar Wee Chen

Song Jun Quan

Veronica Phua

Chua Hong Sheng

Kong Sin Yu

Lin Hui Ching

Nicholas Lau Jun Yi

Kelvin Cen

Lee Yen Yen

Chan Wei Kang

Joseph Thng

Lai Han Seng

Alex Lee Ren Hui

Derrick Tang

Ernest Cham Meng Thong

Class 3P

Janet Chia

Maria Josie Salarda

Ganesan s/o Sundaram

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