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Nine Coaches Attend Briefing

The following coaches attended the briefing held on 13 August 2008 at the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) Secretariat.

  • Teo Zhe Ming Benjamin
  • Mok You Hong Kingston
  • Mok Lip Wee
  • Lee Kar Aik
  • Yeo Kwee Kee
  • Ang Heng Teck
  • S’ng Li Heng Ronn
  • Ong Tian Ling
  • Maung Soe Nyunt Zaw

Among other things, they were informed of the Federation’s commitment to promote positive values, provide a safe environment for the exchange of skills and make taekwondo enjoyable for all participants and their responsibilities in making that happen.

They were also reminded that the tournament coach pass which they would be applying reflects their professionalism, rectitude and compassion – qualities which all coaches must possess.

The STF believes the coaches will wear their passes with pride.

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