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Two Courses lined up for September 2008

The following two courses will be organized especially to help further enhance the standard of members.

  • Grading Preparation Workshop
  • Poomsae Upgrading Course

The details are as follows.

Grading Preparation Workshop

Date               :           Sunday 14 September 2008

Time               :           2.00 to 5.00 pm

Place              :           National Training Centre (NTC)

For whom        :           Black belts, poom belts and red belts

Dress Code     :           ‘Dobok’

Certification     :           Certificate of Participation

Fee                 :           $30

Closing Date:           Tuesday 9 September 2008

(By the end of the course, participants will be able to better prepare for their grading and understand how they are assessed.   It will be conducted by senior examiners.)

Poomsae Upgrading Course

Date               :           Sunday 21 September 2008

Time               :           2.00 to 5.00pm

Place              :           National Training Centre (NTC)

For whom        :           Coaches with Level 1 qualification, Black belts
                                  and Poom belts

Dress Code    :           ‘Dobok’

Certification    :            Level 2 certification (for coaches with Level 1
qualification)               Certificate of Participation (for the rest)

Fee                :           $30

Closing Date   :           Tuesday 16 September 2008

(Coaches will revise their pattern from Combined Basic Movements to Koryo Poomsae and learn senior patterns from Keumgang to Sipjin. The course will be conducted by an international poomsae referee.)

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