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Poomsae Referee Refresher Seminar 16 May 2010

For the coming National Taekwondo Poomsae Championships, black belts are required to know two additional poomsae – that is Keumgang and Taebaek – as compared to last year’s requirements. There is also a new family event which has to be judged differently.

In view of the above, a poomsae referee refresher seminar will be held on Sunday 16 May 2010 from 7.00pm to 8.30pm. The attendance at this seminar is compulsory for all poomsae referees who will be officiating in the National Championships.

The dress code is ‘dobok’.

Please register by calling Jolene, Theresa or Rosalind at 63451491. Registration is free.

All participating clubs are reminded that they have to provide at least one poomsae referee for the National Taekwondo Poomsae Championships. Clubs which are unable to do so will not be allowed to participate in the competition.

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