Saturday, 20 July, 2024

4th Dan & Higher Grading

Currently 4th dan and higher dan candidates are required to retake their theory or practical test if they fail any of the components.  If they do not make it in the practical test, they may register for the next grading and pay the regular fees.  However, if they fail their theory test, they only need to go for a retest.    

In order to regularize the system, candidates for 4th dan and higher will have to register and pay the regular fees if they want to retake either the theory or practical test.  If they fail either the theory or practical test three times (including the first attempt), they will have to take the whole grading again for promotion to the next grade. 

The retest must be taken in consecutive centralised grading. Repeat candidates who miss a grading will have to take both the practical and theory tests if they subsequently decide to take their grading again.

This ruling will take effect from January 2007 grading.

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