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Changes to the General Syllabus

The General Grading Syllabus was amended in January 2009.

As a result of the amendments, the following will replace the existing grading requirements for the respective grades. They will take effect from the April 2009 grading.


  • White 10-Introductory Poomsae
  • White 9-Preliminary Poomsae
  • Red 2-Taegeuk Chil-Jang plus one optional

     poomsae (Sa-Jang to Yuk-Jang)

  • Red 1-Taekgeuk Pal-Jang plus one optional

               poomsae (O-Jang to Chil-Jang)

  • 1st Poom-Koryo plus two optional poomsae

           (Yuk-Jang to Pal-Jang)

Technique Demonstration

Candidates will be required to execute the respective techniques after they have completed performing their poomsae.

  • White 9-Turning kick
  • Yellow 8-Front kick followed by turning kick
  • Yellow 7-Side kick
  • Green 6-Back thrust
  • Green 5-Side kick followed by back thrust
  • Blue 4-Reverse kick
  • Blue 3-Turning kick followed by reverse kick
  • Red 2-Front kick following by jumping front kick
  • Red 1 -360 degrees turning kick followed by back thrust.

For each grade, candidates shall execute the kick or the combination kicks 3 times towards the examiner and 3 times towards the starting point. Each kick or combination kicks have to be performed according to command.

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