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Coach Induction Course

The coach induction course for new coaches who wish to obtain the professional coach pass will be held as follows.

Date                            :           8 February 2009 (Sunday)

Time                           :           2.00pm to 4.00pm

Place                          :           National Training Centre

Fee                             :           $50

Eligibility                     :           Taekwondo Coaching Qualification or

                                               Poomsae Coach Qualification

Closing date for

Registration               :           4 February 2009 (Wednesday)

It is a requirement for new coaches to attend the induction course if they wish to apply the coach pass which will entitle them to accompany their players to the competition arena.

The pass also affirms that the holder is qualified coach who has pledged to observe the highest code of ethics and promised to be current in their technical knowledge and coaching methods. In short, he or she is truly a professional coach.  

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