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Taekwondo Coaching (Level 2) Results

18 coaches took their final tests on Sunday 18 January 2009 at the National Training Centre. For their tests they had to give a 15-minute presentation each on one technical topic of their choice.

The coaches had to do some research as they were expected to cover the subject in depth. At the same time, they were required to make sure that their explanation was clear and concise. It was a challenge but they took it in their stride.

16 coaches chose to present their subject with the aid of powerpoint and video clips while two of them did it with the help of an assistant demonstrator.

All in all the examiners, Mr Steven Soh and Mr Lim Teong Chin, were satisfied that most of them had put in a lot of energy, thought and research to their respective topics. Both examiners believed that the coaches had learnt a lot more from their research.

The examiners were satisfied that the following met the requirements of the course.

  • Chan Wei Kang
  • Chong Chih Chung
  • Go Ngee Boon Rocky
  • Jahangir Khan Goffoor
  • Koh Wee Kiat Leon
  • Lee Yew Jin Sebastian
  • Lim Wei Meng Adrian
  • Lim Yu Qin Ronald
  • Lin Yao Liang Alvin
  • Ong Zhi Wei Fabian
  • Peh Chun Zhiang Brian
  • Tan Elmo
  • Tan Hai Kheng Lawrence
  • Tan Thiam Sing Samuel
  • Tan Yuen Shet Alan

Successful coaches are required to complete six months (twice a week) or one year (once a week) of coaching attachment. The relevant forms are attached.

Unsuccessful candidates may register for a retest, which will be held on Sunday 8 February 2009 at 5pm at the National Training Centre, at the STF Secretariat. The registration fee is $20. The closing date for registration is Thursday 6 February 2009.

For the retest, candidates will be required to give a 15-minute presentation on any technical topic of their choice. This will be their last chance to pass the course.    

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