Monday, 17 June, 2024

Conversion from Poom to Dan

Members holding 1st poom may apply for their grade to be converted to 1st dan on reaching the age of 15, 2nd dan one year after they obtained their 1st dan and 3rd dan two years after they receive their 2nd dan. They are encouraged to do so when the conversion is due as the next grade will be granted only when the time frame is met – for example, if a poom belt holder coverts his grade when he is 20 years old, he can only take his grading or convert his next grade when is 21.

Coaches should remind their poom belt holders that the conversion is not automatic.  

Poom belt holders have to continue training to qualify for conversion. If they stop training after obtaining their grade, they will have to re-join the club and train at least six months before they can apply for conversion.

The six-month training requirement is for the coaches to assess the suitability of their poom belt holders for the conversion. If the coaches are not satisfied, they have the right to prescribe a longer training period for their trainees before endorsing the applications for conversion.

Coaches should not support conversion applications from poom belt holders who obtain their grades under another club unless clearance has been given by the club or the Singapore Taekwondo Federation.

Coaches must make sure that all poom belt holders and their parents are aware of the conversion guidelines.

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