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Co-operation Required for the Centralized Grading

The centralized grading on 4 and 5 July 2009 will be held in Yio Chu Kang Sports Hall. The STF requires the co-operation of club leaders and coaches in the following areas.

Transport and Parking   

The STF is aware that it is not the best place to organize its grading. However, it cannot help it as the regular venue is closed for the Asian Youth Games.

Nevertheless, the STF is appealing to all club leaders and coaches to seek the understanding and co-operation of the candidates and their parents, if they are involved, to bear with any inconveniences caused by the use of the venue.

Please encourage them to use public transport as car park spaces are limited. If they drive, they should be advised to arrive at the sports hall early to have a better chance to getting parking lots.

All examiners are required to note that it may not be possible to reserve parking lots for them because of the constraints.

Submission of Documents

Coaches are reminded to ensure that they submit copies of the candidates’ unarmed combat certificate and grading preparation certificate if they have the certification. The certification will help the examiners in their assessment of the relevant candidates.

Assistance to Officials

In the recent National Poomsae Championships, many coaches were seen helping the tournament officials. Their assistance had resulted in the smooth running of the event. The STF is proud of the coaches and looks forward to the same team spirit being displayed at the grading.   

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