Wednesday, 24 July, 2024

Exclusive Grading for Those Who Make a Difference

Exclusive grading was introduced in 2001 to recognized blackbelt members who have contributed to the development of the organization and the sport. 

Recently, we have received a number of enquiries regarding the grading.  For the benefit of the other members of our affiliates who are interested in it, we would like to highlight the following guidelines for their information.

To qualify for exclusive grading, applicants must chalk up the respective service points.

 1st to 2nd Dan 2,000 points
 2nd to 3rd Dan 4,000 points
 3rd to 4th Dan 6,000 points
 4th to 5th Dan 8,000 points
 5th to 6th Dan10,000 points
 6th to 7th Dan15,000 points

(Notes:  1 hour of service is equivalent to 30 points and 1 point is equivalent to $1 of contribution)

Candidates who qualify for exclusive grading may submit their applications any time listing the dates and their contributions to the Secretariat.

All applications will be subject to the approval of the Management Committee.

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