Wednesday, 24 July, 2024

Joy of Teaching

All coaches who are involved in the taekwondo programme at Assisi Hospice have found it touching, rewarding and enriching.  The children display not only enthusiasm but also the true spirit of a fighter.  They certainly deserve to be called taekwondo warriors.

They seem to come alive with taekwondo.  Before the sport was introduced, some of them refused to do any exercises.  A few of them preferred to do nothing.  But when it comes to taekwondo, they do not want to miss it!

Their love for taekwondo is indeed commendable.  The children deserve our respect for their determination and courage to continue training despite feeling very weak.  When they can hardly walk or stand, they train their hand techniques while sitting on a chair.  They have certainly put a lot of other taekwondo exponents to shame for giving all kind of trivial excuses for not training.

The coaches enjoy teaching them and are touched to receive a card, which is reproduced above,  from them.  As the taekwondo programme at the Hospice is sponsored by the STF, the message is for all members of the organization.  

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