Thursday, 13 June, 2024

Grading Matters: Important Notices

It’s been more than 3 years since STF’s last centralised grading. All segments of grading will resume / return to normal: i.e. Poomsae, basic kicks, sparring, self-defence, interview and pledge taking for the respective belts from 188th centralise grading.

Gentle reminder to all affiliates sending candidates for STF’s centralised grading to take note of the following:

• Protective equipment including, shin guard, forearm guard, groin guard (both male & female) are compulsory. It is also advisable for candidates to use mouth guard during the sparring segment. Gloves and instep guards are optional.

• Protective equipment including, shin guard, forearm guard, groin guard (both male & female) and mouth guard shall be taekwondo approved.

• Sparring segment will be graded on candidate’s ability to demonstrate their sparring techniques through light contact sparring.

=> Candidates must demonstrate appropriate sparring kicking techniques and tactics to meet the grading requirement in order to receive a “pass” grade from the examiners.

▪ For example, a green belt candidate may pass his/her sparring segment by displaying only one kicking technique during the grading, but a red belt candidate is expected to show at least three different kicking techniques and employ at least two tactical moves

▪ The examiner is expecting to observe different kicking techniques and tactical moves from the candidate’s to determine one candidate proficiency.

▪ Any candidate horse playing or not having the right attitude, examiner reserves the right to fail them.

• During grading, candidates shall not wear Poomsae Dobok.
• Candidate must declare all medical conditions and/or history if there are any and attach photocopies of medical letter(s) before grading start. Doctor’s clearance will be required for participants with any pre-existing medical conditions.

• In the event the candidate is sick with MC or COVID positive on the day of grading, candidates need to provide documentary proof to account for their absence

• All candidates shall be responsible to ensure their own medical coverage, including first aid and personal accident insurance.

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