Friday, 14 June, 2024

New Guidelines for Supplementary Grading

The number of requests for supplementary grading has increased substantially over the years causing lots of challenges for the Secretariat. These include last minute applications – that is a day or two before the grading and requests for the tests to be conducted on the same day by a few clubs.

The Secretariat had at times found that it was almost impossible to have the gradings. However, they managed because the examiners were prepared to make the sacrifice.

In order to manage the situation, the following guidelines will be adopted with immediate effect.

–          Supplementary grading applications must reach the Secretariat at least 3 weeks before the grading. If that is not possible, an administrative fee of $150 will be imposed if it is less than 3 weeks, $200 (less than 2 weeks) and $250 (less than 1 week).

–          The maximum number of supplementary grading for a day will be no more than three. It will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

–          Educational institutions (schools) must submit a letter requesting for the grading if they wish to arrange for the tests to be conducted at their premises.

For clarifications, please call Jolene, Theresa or Rosalind at 6345 1491 or email STF at

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