Friday, 12 July, 2024

New Requirements for Supplementary Grading

First Responder/First-Aid Kit

Clubs organizing supplementary grading are now required to have a qualified first responder (local term: first-aider) and a first-aid kit on standby to enhance the safety of the exercise.

The examiner will not conduct the grading without the presence of the first responder and the availability of the first-aid kit.

This new requirement will take effect immediately. Clubs with problems may contact Mr Tan Kok Heng, the Welfare Chairman, at 9489 4402. He will make the necessary arrangement to run courses to qualify members as first responders and secure first-aid kits at special rate.

Grading for Schools

Ministry of Education schools applying for supplementary grading must have at least 50 candidates. Otherwise, a transport fee of $60 payable to the Singapore Taekwondo Federation will be charged.  

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