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4th In Danga Bay International Games

Our ‘warriors’ collect 1 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze medals to finish 4th in the multi-sport Danga Bay International Games

The taekwondo event, which was staged from 5 to 9 April 2006 at Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia, attracted 12 teams.

The medals winners were

– Cornelyus Ng (Gold)
– Nicholas Lau (Silver)
– Saw Teng Sheng (Silver)
– Nur Zulaikha (Silver)
– Dawn Ang (Silver)
– Jason Ong (Bronze)
– Lanetar Quek (Bronze)
– Ed-Millia Ong (Bronze)

STF President Milan Kwee, who was happy with the results, congratulated the team on the fine performance.  He urged them to continue training hard and bring honour to Singapore.

Singapore Flagbearers

 Team ManagerTan Kok Heng
 Coach Wong Liang Ming
Trainers Poh Tze Chap
 Vincent Chua
 Ong Tian Ling
 Players (Male)Cornelyus Ng
   Nicholas Lau
  Jason Ong
  Saw Teng Sheng
  Low Chuan Kai
  Jonathan Phua
 Players (Female) Lanetar Quek
  Ananurmelati Bte Abdul Rahman
  Ed-Millia Ong
  Nur Zulaikha Bte Zakaria
  Dawn Ang

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