Wednesday, 8 February, 2023

ATF Meeting in Singapore

The Executive Council of Asean Taekwondo Federation (ATF) held two meetings in Singapore to discuss on the organization of the ATF Taekwondo Championships and the SEA Games Taekwondo Event. One meeting was conducted at the ATF President’s conference room in Chinatown Point and the other at the Singapore Taekwondo Federation Secretariat.

Both the Asean Championships and the SEA Games will be staged in Myanmar.

Mr Mya Han, President of Myanmar Taekwondo Federation (MTF) reported that the machinery for the running of the Asean Championships was in placed. He planned to use the Championships as a test event for the taekwondo event in the SEA Games.

ATF President, Mr Kris Wiluan, pointed out that the Asean Championships would be a good platform for the development of referees, officials and players in the region and encouraged all members to give their fullest support to the event.

Mr Chin Mee Kiong and Mr C K Karan representing Taekwondo Malaysia were present at both meetings as observers.

The first meeting was chaired by Mr Kris Wiluan (ATF President) and the second by Mr Hong Sung Chon (ATF Vice-President). The others present at the meeting included Mr Milan Kwee (ATF Vice-President), Mr Truong Ngoc De (ATF Vice-President) and Mr Eng Fook Hoong (Honorary Treasurer).

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