Thursday, 24 November, 2022

Here Comes Nestle Koko Krunch

If you are within the age group of 7 to 12 years old and enjoy competition, here is another tournament which will be staged specially for you. What’s more, if you finish tops, you stand a chance in representing Singapore in the Grand Finals.

The tournament: Nestle Koko Krunch Junior Taekwondo Championships.

The Championships, organized by Viva Taekwondo Club, were inaugurated in 2006. The event has grown over the years from one tournament to 4 tournaments last year. For the 2013 edition, Singapore has been included bringing the number of tournaments to five.

The first competition will be held in Penang (3 March) followed by Johor (7 April), Singapore (28 April) and Kota Baru (4 May).  Champions of the four legs will meet in the Grand Finals which will be held in Kuala Lumpur on 23 June.

More details on the championships will be released soon.

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