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Mixed Fortunes in Korea Open

Our team returned from the 1st Korea Open International Taekwondo Championship held from 4 – 8 September 2005 in Seoul, Korea with an 8th position overall and 1 silver and 3 bronze medals.

Considering that the competition attracted 33 countries including top contenders like Korea, Chinese Taipei and Iran, we reckoned the results were good.

Koh Huat Peng, who was not one of the medallists, deserved special mention for his courageous performance against the best player in his category. He showed scant respect for his formidable Korean opponent by taking a 2 – 1 lead.

As luck would have it, a freak accident occurred. The two players clashed. Huat Peng emerged from it with a deep tear below his lower lip.

The referee had to give the decision to Huat Peng’s opponent after the medical officer could not stem the flow of blood from the wound. While Huat Peng was in hospital for treatment, his opponent went on to clinch the feather weight title.Our medals came from the following:

Joyce Lim (Silver)
Lanetar Quek (Bronze)
Ananurmelati (Bronze)
Jason Ong (Bronze)

Singapore Representatives       

 Singapore Representatives 
 Team ManagerTan Cheng Hui
 CoachWong Liang Ming
 Sports TrainerKoh Kim Seng
 MaleLow Chuan Kai
  Poh Tze Chap
  Ong Koon Yew Jason
  Khor Huat Peng
 FemaleDawn Ang Kai Ying
  Joyce Lim Soon Yi
 Ananurmelati Bte Abdul Rahman
  Michelle Ong Tian Ling
  Lanetar Quek

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