Thursday, 7 December, 2023

Amended Update on the Status of Suspension of Wong Liang Ming by World Taekwondo

Set out below is an amended announcement with regard to the update on the status of the suspension of Mdm Wong Liang Ming by World Taekwondo posted on 19 May 2020.

(found here:

“This is to update our members on the status of the preliminary suspension of individual members previously published on the STF website.

In a letter dated 11 January 2020, World Taekwondo has informed us that Ms Wong Liang Ming has been suspended by World Taekwondo for grave misconduct. As a consequence, Ms Wong Liang Ming has forfeited all rights as member of World Taekwondo and as such is not allowed to be involved in taekwondo related activities in Singapore as well as any taekwondo related activities worldwide.”

By way of this amended announcement, the Singapore Taekwondo Federation informs that in a letter dated 11 January 2020, World Taekwondo has stated that Mdm Wong Liang Ming has been suspended by World Taekwondo for grave misconduct. As a consequence, Mdm Wong Liang Ming has forfeited all rights as member of World Taekwondo.

In the circumstances, bearing in mind that Singapore Taekwondo Federation remains a Member National Association of World Taekwondo (despite the preliminary suspension by World Taekwondo) and pursuant to Clause 5.1 of Singapore Taekwondo Federation’s Constitution (approved and adopted as of 9 November 2019), Article 16(iii) of the Statute of World Taekwondo (in force as of 14 May 2019), and Articles 2.1(c) and 3.13 of the World Taekwondo Disciplinary Actions and Appeals Code (in effect as of 11 October 2019), Singapore Taekwondo Federation is hereby obliged to announce to the public that Mdm Wong Liang Ming is hereby not allowed to participate in Taekwondo activities in Singapore which are co-ordinated and/or sanctioned and/or organised in Singapore (including national and international Taekwondo tournaments, demonstrations and gradings) by Singapore Taekwondo Federation, and she is also not allowed to be involved in Taekwondo-related activities sanctioned and/or promoted by World Taekwondo worldwide.

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