Monday, 17 June, 2024

Licensees Invited for STF Logo & Name

The following is the intellectual property of the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF).

  • ‘Singapore Taekwondo Federation’ name on the ‘dobok’ (uniform)
  • Singapore Taekwondo Federation logo

Any organization, company or individual currently using the logo and the name are advised to stop doing so.

Applications for license to use the logo and the name on the ‘dobok’ (uniform) are invited. Applicants shall submit their interest in writing by Wednesday 1st September 2010.

All successful applicants will be required to pay S$10,000 per annum for the rights to use the logo and the name on the ‘dobok’ (uniform).

In the meantime, the STF reserves the rights to take legal action against any organization, company or individual for unauthorized use of the logo and the name.

For enquiries, please call 6345 1491.

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