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National Poomsae Training Squad Formed

A national selection of poomsae performers was conducted on 26 July 2009, the anniversary date of the inception of the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF). It was to pick the best available to form the national poomsae training squad.

The following were selected.

  • Junior Male (14 to 18 years old)

–          Kang Rui Jie

  • Junior Female (14 to 18 years old)

–          Chiew Wen Qi

–          Chelsa Sim

  • 1st Senior Male (19 to 30 years old)

–          Mudh Fadhil

–          Samuel Lee

  • 1st Senior Female (19 to 30 years old)

–          Samantha Tan

–          Joyce Lim

–          Ananurmelati

  • 2nd Senior Male (31 to 40 years old)

–          Lai Han Seng

–          Leon Koh

For the start, the squad will train every Sunday from 2pm to 4pm. The training frequency will increase when it becomes clear that the members will be preparing for a competition.

Although the members had been selected for the training squad, it did not mean that they would be automatically selected for overseas assignments. As only the best would be selected to represent Singapore, there would be open selection for every international tournament the STF wished to field participants.

There would, however, be exceptions to the rule. Nevertheless, training squad members would have advantage over the others when they were assessed as equally good.

The first training session would be on Sunday 2 August 2009.

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