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Official Opening of Induk Taewondo

Lion dance kicked off the official opening of Induk Taekwondo on Saturday 24 July 2010. The ear-splitting drum beats and clash of cymbals gave the club, an affiliate of Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF), an auspicious start.

(From left) Minister Yong Woo Kwon (Korean Embassy), Mr Jan Yap, Mr Lim Teong Chin, Mr Lee Seung Man, Mr S K Yeo and Mr Ronnie Yap.

The opening graced by Mr Yong Woo Kwon (Minister, Korean Embassy) saw the guests admiring the ideal training environment. The gymnasium is not only spacious but also well-equipped facilities.

Instead of the colorful mats which most taekwondo members are familiar with, Induk chooses to use mats which deceiving look like parquet flooring. This reflects the innovative and imaginative programs which the club is offering.    

Guests at the opening including Mr Steven Soh (1st Vice-President, STF), Ms Wong Liang Ming (Hon. Secretrary, STF) and Mr Lim Teong Chin (General Manager, STF) were given souvenirs to commemorate the event.

Said Mr Lim: “I like the Club layout and the ambience. It is a fantastic place to set up a taekwondo club. Members will enjoy the facilities and benefit greatly from the high standard of instructions under the supervision of its Chief Instructor, Mr Lee Seung Man.”

The STF extends its best wishes to Induk for its quick growth and success in the promotion of taekwondo in Singapore.

Visit its website at www.induk.com.sg for more information on the club.

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