Tuesday, 23 July, 2024

Taekwondo for Character Development

“Does taekwondo contributes towards character development?”

This is a question investigated by a group of NUS students studying sports and sociology.

National players, Daniele Tan and Chelsea Sim, were invited by Dr Ho Mun Wai (STF 1st Vice-President) to conduct a sharing with these young researchers on how taekwondo touched their lives, not only in their of sporting achievements, but also in terms of them being more disciplined and humble.

True to the pledge they recite, Daniele and Chelsea also attributed their growth through the years to the support and moulding of their parents, coaches, and teachers.

Thank you Daniele and Chelsea and all the dedicated athletes for the inspiration. Your parents, coaches and teachers are proud of you also.

(Article and photograph are contributed by Dr Ho Mun Wai.)

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