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Taekwondo with a Heart

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) has been contributing to charitable causes for many years. More recently, it has decided to adopt charitable organizations which are interested in giving their residents an opportunity to benefit from the sport.

The first project was with Assisi Hospice whose taekwondo warriors were well-known in the local taekwondo scene. The programme at the Hospice was and still is fully sponsored by the STF. The children are provided with free uniforms, training and grading.

Then, the STF was approached by Brian Peh, one of its coaches, to partly support the taekwondo programme run by the Singapore Association for the Deaf. This was approved and is still ongoing.

On 1 April 2009, the STF kicked off another taekwondo programme. This time, it was at the Children’s Aid Society. The programme is also fully sponsored by the STF. The idea of starting a class at the Society was mooted by Ng Keng Boon and Sebastian Lee, both STF coaches. They became the primary coaches of the programme. Tay Xiong Sheng was later roped in to boost the coaching strength.

22 students enrolled for the programme at the Society. Judging from their display of energy and enthusiasm, they certainly had what it would take for them to excel in the sport. However, providing them the opportunity to be good at the sport is not the only objective of introducing the sport. In fact the primary objectives of the programme are to build character, improve self-esteem and enhance physical and psychological fitness.

The importance of discipline was drummed into them on the first lesson. They learned about taekwondo etiquette and their responsibilities as taekwondo members.

The STF looks forward to sponsoring more such projects under its “Taekwondo with a Heart” programme. The phrase was coined by STF President Milan Kwee who is a staunch supporter of the programme.

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