Monday, 27 May, 2024

Tell Your Students the Whole Truth

Recently all participants taking up taekwondo in Community Centers/Clubs (CCs) and Resident’s Committee Centers (RCs) are asked to sign a form acknowledging that they had read the advisory notes. Although the notes are factually correct, they do not reflect the whole picture.

Based on the notes, participants will not know whether they can represent their schools in the National School Taekwondo Championships which will be officially included in the school sports calendar in 2010 unless they ask.

They will not know if they can carry Singapore flag in the SEA Games, Youth Olympic Games and other multi-sports events unless they ask.

They will not know if their grades are recognized by a handful of members or by thousands locally and internationally unless they ask.

They will not know the status of the taekwondo organization they are with unless they ask.

But how many will ask?

All Singapore Taekwondo Federation coaches should not wait for their participants to ask. You should be proud to inform your participants the organization they are with, the privileges they can have for being your students and their grades are recognized by a body and not just a legally registered club.

More importantly, tell them factually about the other legally registered clubs. Articles in the must-read column on the STF website ( should be able to give your students a better idea of the clubs. Encourage them to visit the website regularly for the latest updates.  

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