Monday, 27 May, 2024

Welcome Back

Patrick Tan Yong Chen, who chose to leave the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) on 6 September 2009, has re-joined the organization.

In his letter of 5 April 2010, Yong Chen apologized to the STF for ‘my actions and for any inconvenience caused’. He also stated that he applauded the organization’s efforts in promoting taekwondo and understood the need for affiliates to integrate and work together within the framework of the STF guidelines and policies.

The Management Committee considered his application for re-admission to the STF in its monthly meeting on 20 April 2010 and unanimously welcomed Yong Chen back into the fold.

In a meeting with STF officials, Yong Chen revealed that he was keen to support the various activities of the STF. And he looked forward to fielding a team for the next STF-organized or sanctioned championships.

The STF believes Yong Chen’s contribution will benefit the organization and looks forward to him holding a leadership position in one of its committees in the near future.

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