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A Successful Outing

It was a successful outing for the Singapore team at the 14th Asian Cities Gold Cup Taekwondo Championship which was held from 19 to 21 February 2010 in Hong Kong.

The team garnered 5 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals.

The Fab Five who captured the gold medals were Jason Tan Junwei, Keith Ong Jin Cong, Christopher Lee Jia Zhe, Tio Jia Xin and Zakirah Bte Zakaria.

Jason Tan Junwei
Keith Ong Jin Cong
Christopher Lee Jia Zhe
Tio Jia Xin
Zakirah Bte Zakaria

Jordan Tay Jun Jie, Daryl Tan Jia Jun, Chua Juan Juan and Denise Thong Bai Hui returned with a silver each.

 Jordan Tay Jun Jie
Daryl Tan Jia Jun
 Chua Juan Juan
The 2 bronze came from Muhammad Halim and Shafinas Bte Abdul Rahman.
Muhammad Norhalim

Besides individual victories, our team also won overall trophies in their respective team divisons. They are as follows.

Senior Male (4th Placing)
Senior Female (5th Placing)
Junior Male (3rd Placing)

Singapore Flagbearers

Team Manager          –           Roy Tan Kok Heng

Coach                      –           Wong Liang Ming

Asst Coach              –           Samuel Tan Thiam Sing

Team Official             –           Nicholas Tang Kang Yu

Players (Male)          –           Jason Tan Junwei (Captain)

                                           Jordan Tay Jun Jie (Vice-Captain)

                                           Daniele Haadi Tan

                                           Keith Ong Jin Cong

                                           Daryl Tan Jia Jun

                                           Christopher Lee Jia Zhe

                                           Muhammad Norhalim

Players (Female)      –           Chua Juan Juan

                                           Denise Thong Bai Hui

                                           Jacqueline Quek Jie Lin

                                           Tio Jia Xin

                                           Zakirah Bte Zakaria

                                           Shafinas Bte Abdul Rahman

                                           Tessa Tang Xue Yi

(Photographs courtesy of Roy Tan, Jordan Tay & Chua Juan Juan)

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