Friday, 12 April, 2024

Important Reminders for 2019 National School Games

All teachers, team officials and coaches are to take note of the following important reminders which were highlighted during the briefing sessions.

  • All kyorugi preliminary and quarter-final matches for Primary Schools would be conducted in 2 rounds.
  • All kyorugi semi and final matches for Primary Schools, B & C Divisions would be conducted in 3 rounds.
  • The 20-point gap would be applied to all rounds.
  • Only STF-approved taekwondo uniform brands, namely Adidas, Daedo, Jcalicu, Kwon, Mooto, Victory (Mudoin) and Wacoku (Champ), would be allowed during competition.
  • Any students found attempting to lose weight before their weigh-in to make the weight at the competition venue will face immediate disqualification.

If you have require any further clarification, you may contact the Tournament Chairman, Mr Andy Lee, at 9106 4421.

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