Thursday, 7 December, 2023

Information for Coaches

Some coaches have requested for more clarity on video replay request. In order to assist them, the Singapore Taekwondo Federation provides below a general guideline which is useful in helping them decide if they want to request a video replay or not.

  • The referee or any of the judges has the right to call for a conference to confirm if there is any contact for head shot where head kick is NOT allowed. If there is any iota of doubt during the discussion, the referee shall request for video replay. In the absence of video evidence, the referee shall make the final decision by giving the kicker a ‘Gam-jeom’ instead of declaring ‘PUN’.
  • For technical point/s, the referee or any of the judges can ask for confirmation. If the refereeing officials want to be sure, the referee may ask for video replay provided the coach does not have any quota.
  • Generally the coach can ask for video replay against the opponent for the following – falling, getting out of boundary line, invalidation of points when penalty has been given for the offence which helps in the scoring and points awarded by judges for face kick in a conference when e-headgear is used.
  • For his own player, the coach may request video replay for points, technical points or invalidation of any penalty.
  • The coach may also request for video replay for removal of phantom points, inclusion of penalties omitted from the scoreboard, loss of time or other technical issues.
  • For video replay requested by the coach, the video review jury shall accept or reject a request if the review jury has video evidence to support his or her decision. The review jury will also reject the request if the view is blocked by, say, the referee or player and the referee shall pocket the card. However, if the review jury cannot find the clip because of technical problem or other reasons, the request shall be rejected and the card returned to the coach.

Please feel free to email Mr Lim Teong Chin at if you require more clarification or information.

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