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Singapore Wins 2 Gold Medals

The Singapore contingent for the 9th Asean Taekwondo Championships held on 5 and 6 June 2009 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam returned with a haul of 2 gold, 1 silver and 9 bronze medals.

The competition attracted 9 teams from 8 Asean countries including taekwondo powerhouses in the region, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. Vietnam fielded two teams for the tournament which consisted of both ‘kyorugi’ and ‘poomsae’.

Our ‘kyorugi’ players sportingly participated in the ‘poomsae’ event for the fun of it. And they did not do too badly winning 3 bronze medals through the following.

Denise Thong (Senior Female Indidvidual)

Keith Ong and Tessa Tang (Pair)

Denise Thong, Tio Jia Xin and Tessa Tang (Female Team)

For ‘kyorugi’, Singapore players collected 2 gold, 1 silver and 6 bronze medals for their effort. They all fought tooth and nail to win. But, for some of the new players in the Singapore team, their opponents were just too experienced for them. Nevertheless, they had learned a lot from the exposure and it would stand them in good stead for future competitions.

The following clinched the ‘kyorugi’ medals.


  • Zakirah Bte Zakaria
  • Jacqueline Quek


  • Muhammad Norhalim


  • Keith Ong
  • Wesley Ong
  • Samuel Lee
  • Tio Jia Xin
  • Geraldine Quek
  • Tessa Tang

Singapore Flagbearers

Coach                       :               Wong Liang Ming

Players (Male)           :               Jason Tan Junwei (Captain)

                                                Nicholas Lau Jun Yi

                                                Benjamin Teo Zhi Ming

                                                Muthiah Ponmani

                                                Keith Ong Jin Cong

                                                Wesley Ong Zhi Qiang

                                                Wister Tan Jun Ray

                                                Daniele Haadi Tan

                                                Jordan Tay Jun Jie

                                                Samuel Lee Tee Koon

                                                Muhammad Norhalim

Players (Female)      :                 Lanetar Quek Yi

                                                Denise Thong Bai Hui

                                                Tio Jia Xin

                                                Geraldine Quek Jie Yi

                                                Zakirah Bte Zakaria

                                                Tessa Tang Xue Yi

                                                Jacqueline Quek Jie Lin

Supporters                 :               Mr Roland Ong

                                                Mrs Janet Ong

                                                Mr Dicky Ong

                                                Mrs Christine Ong

                                                Mr Jeffrey Tan

                                                Mdm Katherine Lok

                                                Mdm Nor Ainon

                                                Mr Zakaria Othman

                                                Mdm Norizah Bte Sanan

                                                Miss Fadzlyn Zahruddin

(Photographs courtesy of Mr Dicky Ong and Mr Muthiah Ponmani)

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