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42 Qualified as Poomsae Coaches

The Poomsae Coach Course held on 27 January 2008 at the National Training Centre attracted 75 black belts from 27 clubs. There was a good mix of young and not-so-young participants. While the youngest was 16 years old, the oldest participant was 55 years old.


eight-hour course, comprised both theory and practical sessions, was kicked off by Wong Liang Ming, Chairman of the Coaching Committee.

The theory component covered, among other things, competition rules and technical coaching points. For the practical session, the participants went through in detail the steps and movements for Taegeuk Il-jang to Koryo Poomsae.

Although the participants found the course mentally and physically exhausting, they were pleased with the amount of knowledge they had acquired. Mr Milan Kwee, President of the Singapore Taekwondo Federation, spoke to the participants on discipline which was an essential trait for all coaches. He wished them all the best for their tests.

The participants were tested by Chin Khee Shin, RA Jeyaraman and Tan Cheng Hui who assisted Lim Teong Chin in running the course.

The results are furnished in the attached file. If you are a participant and you cannot find your name, it means that you have failed both the practical and theory tests. You have to retake the whole course if you still aspire to be a poomsae coach.

However, if you fail either theory or practical, you have to retake the component on 3 February 2008 at 9.00am at the National Training Centre and pass it to achieve the qualification. The retest fee is $5 which you can pay on the test day. Please call Jolene or Linda at 63451491 to register for the retest.

Those who have passed the course may register for the National Poomsae Referee Course which was announced earlier.

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