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Kyorugi Referee Refresher Seminar August 2012

The annual Kyorugi Referee Refresher Seminar will be held on Sunday 19 August 2012 from 9.00am to 1.00pm at the Republic Polytechnic.

All active kyorugi referees must attend the seminar to have their licenses to officiate extended by a year. Coaches who are national referees are also encouraged to participate in the seminar.   The knowledge will be invaluable to them if they wish to continue to be effective coaches.

Kyorugi referees with expired licenses may also attend the seminar. Their licenses will be renewed if they pass the assessment which will be conducted at the end of the seminar for all participants.

As the provision of referees is a pre-condition for participation in all STF organized or sanctioned tournaments, it is important for clubs to have their own pool of qualified referees.

The seminar will cover, among other things, the latest amendments to the Competition Rules and Regulations.

Participants are to come prepared with their ‘dobok’ and writing materials. They should be well prepared for the numerous tests which will be conducted to ensure that they are fit mentally and physically to officiate. They should also be ready to recite the pledge. Those who fail in any of the tests will have to be retested within a week or so.

We plan to end the seminar punctually. However, if the overwhelming number of participants does not allow us to do so, they must be prepared for the seminar to end later.

The registration fees are as follows.

–          On or before Tuesday 7 August 2012 – $30.00

–          On or before Thursday 16 August 2012 – $40.00

–          On the spot registration – $50.00

The registration form is attached.

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