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A Fruitful Trip For Two Singapore Officials

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) and its partners – Globewerks International and Singapore Expo – are planning to organize the lst Sinapore Open Taekwondo Championships from 5 to 8 July 2007.  The event already had the approval of the Singapore Sports Council and the support to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. 

On 22 November 2006, Mr Milan Kwee, STF President, and Mr Lim Teong Chin, STF GM, were in Korea to meet Mr Choue Chungwon, the President of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), and Mr Moon Dong-Hoo, WTF Secretary-General, to discuss about the organizing of the event.  More specifically, they were there to seek the support and blessing of the WTF.

(L to R: Mr Lim Teong Chin, STF GM, Mr Milan Kwee STF President, Mr Choue Chungwon, WTF President, Mr Moon Dong-Hoo, WTF Secretary-General)

The two Singapore representatives were warmly welcomed at the WTF Secretariat in Gangnam.  After a brief exchange of pleasantries, the four officials sat down to talk about ‘business’.  

After the discussion, Mr Kwee received a letter, endorsing the event and complimenting his leadership, from Mr Choue. 

The WTF also accepted STF’s invitation to showcase the talents of 35 top members from the Korean national demonstration team during the championships and agreed to speak with Samsung (WTF Global Partner) to support the event.  It would also consider STF’s request for the use of the latest electronic protectors for the tournament after the approval of the equipment in February 2007.

(L to R: Mr Lim Teong Chin, STF GM, Mr Lee Dai Soon, ATU President, Mr Milan Kwee STF President)

During the visit, Mr Kwee and Mr Lim also had a fruitful discussion with Mr Choi Ki Cheol, Secretary-General of the Asia Taekwondo Union (ATU) and Mr Sim Myeong Koo, ATU Referee Vice-Head.  They also paid Mr Lee Dai Soon, ATU President, and Mr Park Hyun-Sup, Kukkiwon Director, a courtesy visit and updated them on the developments of taekwondo in Singapore.

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