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Deepest Gratitude to Our Taekwondo Family By Lim Teong Chin

My mother, who passed away peacefully and without any illness on Monday 27 December 2010, was interred on Thursday 30 December 2010 at about 2.30pm at Choa Chu Kang cemetery. She was 85 years old.

Although I, my brothers, my sisters and our families are grateful that she did not have to suffer before leaving us, her demise brought sorrow, grief and pain to all of us. However, we remained emotionally strong because of the love, care and support generously given to us by our relatives, colleagues and friends.

Liang Ming and I were especially consoled, touched and humbled by the tremendous and spontaneous support, encouragement and concern we received from members of our taekwondo family. That makes us feel highly privileged and proud to be part of this special family.

I am wondering if my mother knew something I did not know. If she had not insisted that I continued with my involvement in the sport, I would have given up the sport when I was a blue belt. If that had happened, I would not have known that the caring and thoughtful spirit of the taekwondo family existed.  

Ming and I would like to take this opportunity to record our heartfelt gratitude to members of our taekwondo family for their attendance at the wake, donations, condolences and wreaths during our bereavement. Our special thanks go to Mr Milan Kwee (STF President), Mr Ernest Koh (former STF President) and Mr Edmund Tan (former Management Member) for attending the wake and the funeral and more.

We wish that the taekwondo family spirit will persist.  

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