Thursday, 13 June, 2024

Don’t Be Another ‘Victim’

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) has received numerous letters from taekwondo participants or their parents claiming that they were not aware of the different groups. Worse, some of them felt cheated.

Here is an extract of a recent letter from a parent.

“The reason that I am making this request is because the instructor was misleading his clientele. My son, Andrew, achieved ‘Junior Black Belt’ level during his time at your club. However, having recently moved home and located a new taekwondo club, where I thought my son could pick up where he left off and train for his ‘Senior Black Belt’, I was told by the new instructor that the certificate he has is worthless. I paid $50 per month for something which was apparently run illegally and resulted in a useless qualification. I might also add that there is a rather large fee for each of the 10 examination that my son took.”

Don’t be another victim or let your friends or their children be victims.  

If your friends or their children are learning taekwondo, you can do them a favour by asking them if they are with the STF, the national sports association recognised by the Singapore Sports Council and affiliated to the Singapore National Olympic Council.

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