Sunday, 14 July, 2024

Taking the Lead

Members of the National Training Squad, TEAMgOLD and Assisi Warriors had started the practice of taking the taekwondo pledge before each training session.

National Training Squad

Before they took of the pledge for the first time, every line was explained to them to make them appreciate the significance. Otherwise, the pledge is just words.

For example, they were told that honesty is more than just telling the truth or trying not to deceive others. It requires them to be honest with themselves. If they do not understand a technique, they should clarify. They should also give of their best in their training and not try to ‘cheat’ themselves by doing less or giving less than what they can give.


They were also told that being humble is not about bowing only. They can learn only if they are humble. If they think that they are the best, then it will be almost impossible for them to learn anything from any one.

Assisi Warriors

All the members who took the pledge also understood the importance of renewing their promises at every training session.

All affiliated clubs which have not implemented the pledge-taking are encouraged to do so immediately. It will eventually help the clubs to produce better students.

Together, the STF and its affiliates can make taekwondo a true character development sport.

We teach taekwonDO and not taekwon!

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