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2nd Hwarang Taekwondo Meet 2006

Individuals from all Primary Schools can participate in Taekwondo Challenge. At the end of the day, the primary school students are encouraged to participate in the fun-filled tele-match!

Secondary School students are encourage to form a team of 5 (inclusive of one reserve) to participate in Team Poomse Events. They can also take part in the Sparring Event.

Important Dates

  1. Start of Registration 11 Sep 2006
  2. Briefing for Team Managers, Coaches and Schools 23 Sep 2006
  3. End of Registration 13 Oct 2006
  4. Balloting for Sparring Bouts 25 Nov 2006

The Briefing will be held at 10 am, Maris Stella High School Auditorium.

Your school must recognise and register for the students, even if your school may not have Taekwondo as CCA. The coach who is coaching the students must be from Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF). A registration fee of $12.00 per person is requested. An event t-shirt awaits you on the actual Meet day!.

The payment from the school must be made payable to

MARIS STELLA HIGH SCHOOL (SMC ACCOUNT FO 0000241) – Description: Hwarang 2006

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