Friday, 14 June, 2024

Demonstration Workshop Filled With Energy

Lim Hyun with his two assistants, Kim Young Mun and Park Hee Uon, kicked off the demonstration workshop with some spectacular stunts which excited the participants. Although it looked easy, he participants at the workshop held on Sunday 28 November 2010 at the National Training Centre soon found out that the mastery of the moves required plenty of hard work.

However, the 63 participants seemed to relish the tough training session. They matched the challenges dished out by Lim Hyun of the Hyun Taekwondo Academy with energy and enthusiasm. And at the end of the training session, all of them had experienced the very difficult back flip.

You did not read it wrong. They did it with the assistance of the trainers and were on the high a feel of the movements. Something inside them told them that they could perform it without help if they had more practice. In fact, one of them believed she could and tried it on a new landing mat without supervision. She almost succeeded.

Thanks to the new mat which the Singapore Taekwondo Federation had acquired to ensure that the participants could practice safely, she managed to retain her good looks despite landing flat on her face with a bruised ego.

Those who had attended the workshop are advised to exercise caution when practicing the stunts. Remember: SAFETY FIRST!

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